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Terri L. Bogue

Healthcare Expertise

Short Biography

Terri Bogue began her career in nursing more than 30 years ago and has practiced in both bedside and leadership positions. Terri’s expertise centers around the prevention and reduction of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Her experience as a Clinical Nurse Specialist implementing quality improvement projects has provided a unique systems approach to her work. She has the ability to develop practices and support at the bedside that enable staff to provide the care required to significantly impact bundle compliance and nurse workflow efficiency, engagement, and success. Terri is an accomplished speaker and author on topics related to the impact, prevention, and reduction of HAIs and inter-professional practices, and shares her knowledge in an engaging and encouraging manner. A consultant to hospitals and healthcare systems, Terri provides support related to practice standards and the development of solutions to HAI prevention challenges.


Curriculum Vitae

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Extended Biography

Terri’s entry into healthcare started in 1982 when she began emergency medical technician (EMT) school. This led her to a rewarding career in nursing. In 1987, Terri graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. During her formative years as a nurse, she experienced geriatrics, adult cardiac populations, home care and pediatrics. She found her passion in pediatrics and practiced there until the ties of motherhood called her home. Terri spent many years homeschooling her six children and helping run a home office managing rental properties.

When she returned to nursing, she headed directly to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at Riley Hospital for Children. Here, she experienced the impact of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) firsthand. She saw the pain from these infections not only in patients but in their families and the staff as well. This gave her a passion to reduce HAIs. The urging of a friend to cover an opening designed for a clinical nurse specialist in the PICU changed her path forever. Soon, Terri realized that preventing HAIs was her mission. She returned to school in 2011 to get her master’s degree in nursing and become a clinical nurse specialist (CNS). In this role, she could work with nurses and systems to develop the best outcomes for patients. Soon, her role expanded to preventing HAIs from the smallest neonates in the neonatal intensive care unit to adults in the intensive care unit.

Following the urgings of her heart, Terri left the hospital environment in 2016 to join her husband, Rob, by sharing her talents with other healthcare facilities wanting support in reducing the frequency of HAIs in their patients. Her skills include the implementation and support of evidence-based bundles, connecting supporting practices and knowledge to bundles, learning from previous HAIs to impact the future, and building the interdisciplinary team necessary to truly impact patient outcomes.

Terri’s skills impact multiple healthcare environments: acute/critical care, skilled nursing care, long term acute care, and home care.

Terri can be reached via email at [email protected] and via telephone at (317) 439-2901.

Business Expertise

Terri Bogue is a mother, wife, and clinical nurse specialist. Her nursing career has spanned over 30 years and has focused on keeping children and their families safe and improving interpersonal communications to change outcomes. Terri is an accomplished speaker and author on topics related to communication, patient-centered care, and the impact, prevention, and reduction of healthcare-associated infections. In an engaging and encouraging manner, she shares her knowledge on maintaining appropriate boundaries, both professionally and personally, resolving and de-escalating conflict, and preventing and recovering from burnout. You can contact her at [email protected].