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Conflict Resolution

We tend to see conflict all around us, and often this conflict seems to come from everywhere. However, all disagreement comes from just two causes. We either see things differently – a perspective difference – or we value things differently – a values difference.

When you know this, you can enter a conflict with curiosity about what the differences are and decide to correct perceptions or accept values. De-escalation becomes a matter of learning instead of winning. Employees that can quickly respond to conflict take this with them and report greater satisfaction not just with the organization but with their lives.


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Creating Constructive Conflict

Conflict.  Like it or hate it, it’s a part of life.  What if you could make conflict an ally?  What if, instead of creating headaches, you looked forward to the creative energy released in a contact?  Start by understanding the fundamentals of conflict.  Add a dash of emotional de-escalation and season with creativity.  The result is a path through conflict that leads through to the innovation, agility, and productivity that you crave.

Everyone walks away with an understanding of the only two factors that cause conflict, an acceptance of our emotional nature, and tools for resolving conflict wherever it occurs.

Online, Any Time

Conflict erupts in every area of our life, but we’re rarely given the tools we need to cool down a conflict that’s heating up – or even understand what causes the conflict to begin with.

Looking for individual training to bolster your ability to navigate conflict? Our “Conflict Management” course contains 15 lessons give tools and techniques to de-escalate and resolve conflict no matter what the situation.

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